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Boost operational efficiency and elevate customer experiences with our cutting-edge Microsoft technology solutions



Empower Process Owners to make data-driven business decisions.


Automate routine work, facilitate focus on higher-value added activities.


Discover, attract, and acquire new customers, serve and retain current ones, and re-engage former clientele.

Business Applications


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Microsoft 1st party App, offering extensive set of funcionality

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

  • Microsoft 1st party App, offering extensive set of funcionality


  • Customer segmentation

  • Key Account management

  • Sales  Opportunities

  • CPQ Solutions

  • Sales Activities

XCORE Project Management

  • Lightweight WBS

  • Costs and Expenses

  • Timesheets

  • Stakeholders management

  • Risk management

XCORE Customer Service

  • Claim management

  • Configuration Items

  • Knowledge base

  • Work Order management

  • Companion Field Service App


  • Sales Lead nurturing

  • Email Marketing

  • Customer Survey

We are flexible

Through our strategic partnerships with other Microsoft affiliates, we extend our offerings to integrate with Microsoft ERP Solutions such as Dynamics 365 BC or Dynamics 365 FO for comprehensive financial and operational solutions.


Create ultimate Customer Data Platform,  consolidate data from various systems within an organization, enabling  personalized and effective marketing, sales, and service efforts.

With Microsof Dataverse

Value chain

We offer a complete digital transformation lifecycle management services.


Discover Business Case
  • Project goals and metrics to judge success
  • IT system development scope of work
  • Technology stack selection
  • Advice on organizational changes
  • And much more​


Build IT Solution
  • Analyze as-is and Model to-be processes
  • Design a Business Solution
  • Develop and  Deploy IT System
  • Operate IT System


Guide change management
Our team is here to support Process Owners in embracing data-driven management practices, overcoming user resistance, facilitating comprehensive training, and providing a wide range of additional assistance.

Why us?

Years of Experience

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 09.56.41.png

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination.

Let us join this trip in a copilot seat and navigate  innovation and progress together.
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